Foundational Training Course for Care Coordinators
The Foundational curriculum teaches essential skills to those who are new to case coordination as well as those who would benefit from a refresher course in fundamental knowledge and skills.
The course is divided into modules with video lectures, texts and theoretical and practical assignments.

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8 modules
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The cost of the full course with materials.
You can take the course at any time convenient for you, and the lectures will remain with you for 1 year.
Training takes place online at a convenient time for you.
This course is suitable for
  • For beginners
    The course will help you master a profession in demand, learn how to interact with patients, set goals and draw up strategies
  • Business owners
    The course will help expand your staff's understanding of how to interact with patients and the team
  • Experienced Review
    You will raise the quality of service to a new level, learn how to use and combine the most modern tools for work
What will you learn on the course
  • Define care coordinator roles and responsibilities and identify the driving force for each role
  • List red flags for potential crisis and identify interventions for preventing crisis
  • Identify ethical issues in care coordinator-client professional relationships
  • Documents all notes and updates into HHA Exchange
  • Reports all incidents to your immediate supervisor
  • Provides excellent customer service skills
  • Verify staff attendance. Submits time sheets accurately into HHAExchange or another software in a timely manner for payroll purposes
  • Schedules/Assigns Home Health Aides (HHAs/PCAs) or CDPAP staff to patient cases
Course program
The program is designed for self-study at a convenient time for you.
Instructor will be in touch with you to check the assignment and send feedback
Stages of study on the course
Start. You meet the instructor and fellow students
Self-learning. You attend online lectures and study the material yourself
Communication and feedback. Participate in the discussion of assignments and consult with the instructor
Practice and certificate. You defend a practical assignment and receive a course completion certificate
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